Friday, April 30, 2010

My First Blog... EVER!

I am fairly excited to write my first blog posting. The purpose of this blog is to stun all my followers (the follower count is at... well, none... yet.) with wit and stunning rhetoric. And yes, I had to use spell checker to spell rhetoric. Honestly, I don't have the writing ability of, say Taylor, nor do I have the typing skills of my beautiful baby girl Kaitlan (note to parents: that is just an expression, I don't actually have a child). What I do have is incredible good looks. Period. I'm tempted just to end this blog on that note. Of course that has nothing to do with my blog, but if you think I'm lying, just look at my profile picture. I do. A lot. Speaking of Ego, I AM A SALESMAN NOW!!! Actually, I have been a salesman since the day I was born (haven't we all?) Of course, that word is considered filthy in most households, but that is a rant for a different blog.

The Trip Out...

Day one:
We leave at 1, get out of town by 5:30(pm).
Drive to Idaho, spend a pleasant evening with Anna and Curtis. The next morning Ben and Kayla came over and Arden and Maile kept me entertained.

Day two:
We drove across "The devils Pancake", aka Wyoming. No speeding tickets... success.
stayed in a Motel 8

Day three: We drive all day and arrive at our apartments in Indianapolis about three... am.

Time to get ready for the first sales training meeting. I will get better at this blog thing and post some pictures. I don't read peoples blogs unless I like the pictures. Actually, Taylor's blog is the only one I read at all. Everyone else is just boring. Do something exciting, post some sweet pictures, and you will have the honor of me visiting your blog. 10/4.

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  1. My favorite quote from Ammon (talking about himself): "How do you say 'sexy beast' in one word?" We're glad you have good self-esteem, bro! (BTW, you got your good looks from your oldest sister!)